Howdy…I’m Devin!

I’m the youngest of three brothers, and we grew up all over the great state of Texas, including Amarillo to Laredo and most points in between. In my later teen years, we moved from Texas to a little city outside of Shreveport, Louisiana. It was during this time I fell hard for a blonde-haired girl named Karen. Twenty plus years later we have 3 children and two dogs. In 2016, Karen left her job as a registered nurse to join me full time in our business.

My Professional Life

I’ve been helping people with money-related stuff for a quite some time. I’ve been a practicing financial planner for the last 16 years. The first 8 years were spent in a big brand name firm. For the past 6 years, I’ve been at my own firm Carroll Advisory Group. To share what I’ve learned with even more folks, I run the Social Security Intelligence blog, YouTube channel,  and co-host the Big Picture Retirement podcast.

Away From The Office

When I’m not working, I try to lead an uncomplicated life. I love spending time outside, especially with my family. I’ve grown a garden or two, and look for the slightest excuse to get on my tractor.

In 2010, we bought our first place in Branson. We’d been visiting for a few years and loved the area. Now, we open it up to guests who wish to enjoy the experience we’ve come to love.

My Ultimate Goal

My hope is that something I write, say or share can help make your Branson vacation better. This time you spend with your family and friends cannot be replaced. Make every minute of your vacation count!


If you’d like to get in touch with me, visit this page.